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Teach for Life

Better Teachers,
Better Students,
Better World!

In rural areas of developing countries, up to 50% of kids drop out before they finish elementary school.  A major reason is the lack of well-trained teachers.

Teach for Life, an educational branch of Trees for Life, is a forum for teachers to improve their skills by sharing knowledge with each other—especially with those who serve the poor. Master educators share modern education techniques in highly effective, visually based training units.

Teachers who need training can learn in their own language, at their own pace, absolutely free of cost.

With your donation, you are helping spread high-quality education around the globe—making a better world for us all.

Minimum: $1.00
Maximum: $100,000.00



Trees for Life International has worked in more than 20 countries around the world. This catalog contains gift items that symbolically represent our work. The purchase of each gift item is a contribution toward Trees for Life's many programs, not a donation to a specific project or goal. Your donation will be used where it is needed the most--to help people living in poverty throughout the world.